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DAB API is a REST API that can be accessed through HTTP calls. DAB API enables developers to programmatically query or research blcokchain transactions in DAB Core system. DAB Core includes raw and analyzed data. Applications are able to pull DAB Core data as if they are being queried from database. DAB Core also includes many search engine like aggregated and pre-filter manner.

Additionally, DAB API enables applications to create event triggers. These triggers can be used to pre-map a sepcified condition which matches application requirement. Trigger can be as simple as a REST call or email with requested data attached. These triggers be used as 'trading alerts', 'transaction monitoring alerts' or 'indication alerts'.



General Requests:

Pagination: (optional)
blockNumber, time
asc, desc

Pagination Response:

Pagination response contains four elements. These are "pagination", "items", "error" and "took". Pagination contains limit, skip and total. In order to paginate, "limit=[integer]&skip=[integer]" can be applied on URI as part of query process. Default limit is at 10, max limit is at 10000. Default for skip is at 0 as it means starting of dataset.


Authorization Required Responses:

DAB API requires authorization header. Without authorization header, API will response with the following error message.
For more information, please check 'OAuth' section.


Invalidate Request Responses:

Requests sent to DAB APIs need to pass validation. If they do not pass validation, you will see the following error. Please check the document that explain the parameter